About Us

Voie Alternative is a multidisciplinary psychedelic art & music collective based in Eastern Canada, Quebec. We are a small crew of psychedelic advocates that gathered together to support the local psychedelic scene and the international counterculture movement.

We believe that art & music should be accessible to anyone in our society and that the desire of money shouldn’t influence the artistic community in any way. Everyone should be able to afford an art print in our industrialized countries where culture of consumerism is worshipped without any question. Cognitive freedom starts with art & music, they can extend our consciousness, while allowing us to share knowledge in an universal language. In a way, they once were the most primitive ways to express ourselves, as today they are the roots of Humanity. If we’re not here to experiment the sound or enjoy visual stimulation, what would keep us here?

Our mission is to provide a platform where art & music is freely available, each featured artist being precisely selected to please the tastes of true music connoisseurs. If you want to support us financially, we are selling art prints, apparel & other related products at reasonable price to funds our activities, future projects & also pay the related fees associated with the collective’s maintenance. We also offer a wide range of services such as graphic design, web development, web hosting & custom printing.

In early 2015, we started hosting local events more regularly, focusing on the alternative sub-genres of psychedelic trance while encouraging the use of tools such as art, music & multimedia. We couldn’t do any of this without the help & support of the Voie Alternative’s crew, always available to contribute & invest some time in our ongoing projects.


M.R. Gonzo – Founder / Art Director / DJ

Being an autodidact since his introduction to computers & cybernetics, almost every aspect of his self was born from informal education and lifelong learning driven by his ongoing & self-motivated pursuit of knowledge. He has been involved in various multimedia projects ranging from digital art, printing, web development, blogging, event management, video projections & DJing which shaped his multidisciplinary expertise.

Over the years, he has been into all kind of music genres, especially punk, black metal, experimental, classical & psychedelic music, spending countless hours of research on ethnomusicology. He got involved in projects such as online forums, art community, webzine & label, either as the founder, art director and/or contributor. It allowed him to work directly with other artists, bands, musicians, event promoters, labels & collectives from all around the globe.

As a music enthusiast & DJ, his goal is to explore music productions that incorporate musical influences such as techno, progressive, organic, experimental, psychedelic, rhythmic and groovy elements throughout an unique story-telling auditive experience. In September 2015, he officially joins the rank of Insonitus Records as label DJ, visual artist & webmaster.


Shango – Web Developer / DJ

Nicolas, aka Shango, is a real music lover. He love music as he love life and all. He’s been a grand metal fanatic since twelves years old, and then he discover underground punk music and old post-punk music. By the age of 18, something strange happened in his life: rave party. Alongside to his close-friend Takouma, he gets himself in a journey into the psytrance music world. Of course, this entire music universe got him immediately hooked.

In 2008, he began producing dark psytrance influenced by his favorites artist (Jahbo, Onkel Dunkel, Tripiatrik, Texas Faggott to name a few). Aside from his creative quest, Nicolas a.k.a DJ Shango has been successfully playing in local underground events since 2001 and participating more than 100 events in cities such as Quebec, Montreal and Toronto. He still produce electronic music from time to time, but he spends more time practicing guitar for his upcoming post-punk project.

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