3 YEARS OF PSYCHEDELIA / new website online


Voie Alternative is proudly celebrating his third year of psychedelia, art, music & underground culture with the release of our brand new website. Since late 2015, the collective has been growing faster than ever, multiplying our involvements in all kind of projects, making our small crew even more motivated than it already was.

Three years ago on April 29th, we released the first version of our website and started to promote local DJs, producers & overseas artists through a bimonthly podcast. Each music release, either a DJ set, live recording or demo set, was actually an audio-visual collaboration between our art director and the chosen contributor.

Throughout the following months, we released over fifteen hours of exclusive psychedelic music through our official Soundcloud channel, Each release was carefully crafted by some of the most passionated & dedicated people of our global community. Our entire music collection is available in free download, check out the MUSIC section for more details.

In early 2016, we took a break from podcast releases to focus on the production of a monthly local event, seeking to strengthen our local scene and its counter-culture by the means of art, music & psychedelia. Each edition was very successful, huge thanks to our dedicated music-lovers & local warriors for their presence and support during the past three years. We strongly recommend you to subscribe to our official Facebook page as we will be making huge announcements in the incoming weeks.

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